Welcome to my Website

My name is Gerd Federmann and I live in Worpswede,
ca 30 km north-east of the Seaport Bremen
in north-west Germany. 


I am 67 years old, married since 1970 with my wife Uschi.
We have two sons, Frank and Joerg



My first Callsign DB6XV I got 1976,
DL1BBO, class A, I got 1981 

From 1993 till 2003, I was not qrv, because I worked free-lance and had only time for my job.
I am a technician and worked for printing offices, newspapers, publishing houses and publicity.
I repaired and maintenanced the computers, networks and digital imagesetters.
Therfore I made the same job for 20 years by the company Linotype-Hell. 

Now I don't work anymore, so I have time again for this nice hobby.
My main interest in radio is using the digital modes psk31/63/125, rtty, sstv, mfsk16 and olivia. 

I like digital contests in which I frequently participate. 

I am member of: 

DIG#0141   EU-PSK Club, EPC#022   30MDG#139   CDG#062

This Website is online since January 2015



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