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The gallery shows the lowest and the highest award, that I have worked


RGSPA - Russian Grid Squares PSK Award Series








RLPA - Russian Ladies PSK Award Series

ROPA - Romanian PSK Award Series
















RPXPA - Russian Prefixes PSK Award Series








RRPA - Russian Regions PSK Award Series










RSPA - Russian Stations PSK Award Series








RUPA - RUBO - Russische Region von Belgorod PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RUKR - Russische Region von Krasnodar PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RULO - Russische Region von Leningrad PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RULP - Russische Region von Lipezk PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RUMA - Russisches Föderationssubjekt Moskau PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RUMO - Russische Region von Moskau PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RURO - Russische Region von Rostow PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RUSM - Russische Region von Smolensk PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RUSP - Russisches Föderationssubjekt Sankt Petersburg PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RUTL - Russische Region von Tula PSK Diplomserie








RUPA - RUVR - Russische Region von Woronesch PSK Diplomserie









SASPA - South American Stations PSK Award Series















SCLPA - Scottish Locators PSK Award Series









SHIFT - BPSK63 DXCC Award Series










SHPA - Suffix Hunter PSK Award Series
















UKPA - United Kingdom PSK Awards






















URPA - Ukrainian PSK Award Series









WAC A - Worked All Continents PSK Awards










WPA - Wanderer PSK Award Series










YLPA - Young Ladies PSK Award Series









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